Crème are committed to providing exquisite embroidery and the finest fabrics for the underwear of the modern woman, whatever her style. Unbinding the aesthetic constraints on what a woman should wear, and allowing her to feel sensual in her own body. Our goal at Crème is to allow you to express your inner voice, to feel the comfort and happiness of self-love, and to bring a class and a ceremony to the clothing closest to your skin. It's so much more than just underwear.

我们致力于为现代女性提供“约会”与“度假”两个生活场景下,贴身物件的不同选择,采用独特而精细的面料,特别是刺绣元素,去诠释女性不同的内在风格。我们提倡并引导女性解放对身形审美的束缚,感受并欣赏自己独有的体态。Crème提供的不仅仅只是一件日常用品,而是现代女性通过贴身物件表达自我的内心语言,发现自己与生活的仪式感,保持与自己相处的愉悦心情。 是内衣,但不止于内衣。